The Auto-Context page, within the 'Custom Fields' tab allows you to use the powerful features included in the Cleaner for Jira App to:

Cleaner for Jira makes optimising your usage of Custom Fields an easy operation.


How do Custom Field Context/s affect Performance?

The correct scoping of Custom Fields will:

Custom Fields are widely accepted to be the single performance-affecting object that affect's the system. Bad configuration of Custom Fields can affect even Data Center instances, as it has a multiplier effect on the performance of the system, due to the data being accessed when most actions are performed in the system.


To get started with the Auto-Context feature, follow the instrucxtions below:

  1. Navigate to the Auto-Context page in the interface by clicking on the Custom Fields tab
  2. Read the information shown on the front page of the Auto Context page carefully and when you understand the functionality provided by the Auto Context feature, click on the 'Scan' button in the top-right to start the scan.
  3. The App will perform the following tasks to determine what Custom Fields can be processed by the Auto-Context feature included in the Cleaner for Jira App.
    1. Determine how many Custom Fields (number) have a single, global Context and return this to the client. This stage excludes Custom Fields that are on our blacklist.
    2. In sets of 10, the App will determine the usage of each Custom Field and determine if it is a good candidate for having it's context set correctly.
    3. A good candidate Custom Field will be used in:
      1. Less than 10 Projects
      2. Less than 10 Issue Types
    4. This will continue until all the Custom Fields determined to be in scope for the scan has completed.
  4. When complete, you will be allowed to select Custom Fields that you want to automatically set up correctly.]

After you have performed an Auto-Context, in order to reduce the size of the index and reduce load on the system, please perform a full re-index.


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