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The View Tracker for Trello Powerup provides an easy way to track how popular your Trello Boards and Cards are!

The Power-up supports:

  • Built-in tracking of Card Views
  • Built-in tracking of Board Views
  • Supports Anonymous Users
  • Integration with Google Analytics

It's easy to set up and get going as well - just Add the Power-up to your Board and you'll have view tracking enabled (smile).


The Power-up comes with many features:

Board View Tracking

Easily see how many users have viewed your Trello Board from the Board Buttons section.

In this example, the Board has been viewed 6 times:

Card View Tracking

You can see how popular your Trello Cards are by checking the view count on the Card Front and Back:

Google Analytics Support

By adding your Google Analytics Tag, you can automatically export the view details to be analysed externally.


You can change the visibility of the View Counters on the Settings page - accessible by clicking on the Board Button.

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