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Since November 2019, Pulse for Jira provides extensive Permissions and Visibility settings.

This tab is available in the Global Pulse panel to Jira Administrators only.

The following options are available:

  • Who should be included in View Tracking?
    • Track All Users - DEFAULT
    • Specific Groups
  • Who can see Pulse for Jira Interface Elements (Navigation Items, Panels)?
    • All Users
    • Only Jira Administrators
    • Only Jira Administrators and Project Administrators (on their Project - not the Global Panel) - DEFAULT
    • Only Jira Administrators and specific Groups
  • Always show the Simple View Tracker Panel in the Jira Issue View?
  • Google Analytics - Coming Soon

The following Issue View Panels are available depending on the options chosen:

Detailed View - Old Issue ViewSimple View - Old Issue View (DEFAULT)Pulse in New Issue View

The Settings tab looks like the following screenshot:

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