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This style of approvals works well if only one approval is required for the whole page.

To create an approval, simply go on a page and click Page Approval located below the page title. Use the user picker on the right to add users/teams as approvers. Select the options on the left side (hover over them to learn what they do) and click save to finalise and send emails to approvers (if enabled).


Use the user picker to add users in your Confluence instance as approvers. Simply start typing their name to show suggestions and click to add.

Expire on Edit

If this is enabled, the approval will expire when the page is updated - this will reset the approval status back to pending.

Expire on Date

Use this to select a specific time (hour) and date to expire the approval. The approval status will be set back to pending on the selected date and time.

Set Required Approvals

This sets the minimum number of approves required to approve the page. When this number has been met, the approval will be set to approved.


Explained in full detail here.

Approvals Workflow

PendingOnce approvers are added, they start off as Pending - the approval is awaiting their review. They can choose to Approve or Reject the approval. The overall status will change depending on the approvers' statuses. If a page has been edited or a specific configured time/date has been reached, the status of the Page Approval will return to Pending and approvers will receive an email asking for another review.
ApprovedIf the approval has gathered enough approves (or everyone has approved), its status changes to Approved. The number of required approvals can be modified for Page Approvals.
RejectedIf one or more members rejects an approval, its status changes to Rejected.

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