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Maybe you would like to automatically hide pages which contain content under a certain sensitivity level - e.g. Highly Restricted.

Compliance for Confluence allows you to automatically change the visibility of the page from a single click - all you need to do is set up each Spaces' options and the users/groups which you would like the permissions to be applied to.

How To

  1. Navigate to a Space in which you'd like to set up automated restriction.
  2. Click on the 'Space Admin' button in the bottom-left of the sidebar and click 'Apps' or 'Add-ons'.
  3. You should be taken to the Compliance Space Configuration page, which allows you to:
    1. Opt this Space out of using the features.
    2. Force users to classify pages on creation/update.
    3. Set which groups (preferred) and users have access to pages of a particular classification level.

We recommend using groups, as the members can be changed later and will retrospectively change the page permissions. 


(warning) We recommend using Groups to restrict pages.

With Groups, you can change the members later and it will retrospectively apply these changes to previously classified + restricted pages.

Using Users will mean that when you change the members who can access different levels, this will not be applied retrospectively.

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