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Due to the way we store the Vote information, in order to keep the data on *your Confluence Cloud instance*, we are limited on how much data we can store per page.

In August 2019, we released a new version of Votes for Confluence which brings many improvements including much better scaling.

Now a macro on a page can handle over 200 votes.

New Features

  • You can now colorize the Option Bars (make them different colors).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where old votes are not cleared up after an option is removed
  • Fixed a bug where old votes were being counted in calculations
  • Fixed an incorrect App Logo in the Macro Browser.


  • Add more Macros per Page!
    • We've massively increased the efficiency of our vote storage.
    • e.g. on average, with 4 macros on a page, you can now store 50 votes against each macro (200 total votes), against the previous amount of 23.
      • Before: 23 votes x 4 macros = 92 votes in total on a page
      • After: 50 votes x 4 macros = 200 votes in total on a page
    • See the improvement below for the new maximum amount of votes/macros that can be held on a single page.
    • Remember you can still create multiple pages and split your survey across them to increase the number of macros.

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