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Select the version you are using from the list to see detailed documentation:

 Old Versions
Unsupported Versions

Version 1.x.x

Disable Users that haven't logged in recently, saving money on licenses.

Version 2.x.x


Current versions

Optimizer for Jira has two current versions, 3.3.16 and 4.0.8

Version 3

  • Simpler to use
  • Less Menus
  • Has had more long term usage.
  • More Stable but less features

Version 4

  • New UI, A bit more complex so less advanced users might want to consider version 3
  • More advanced item tables with filtering and column selection
  • More advanced controls for tools
  • Deep dive items in tables for detailed information
  • Health checks for highlighting of issues
  • Run tasks in the background
  • Queue items for deletion
  • GraphQL support for Jira configuration objects
  • Browse links for items without leaving the page

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