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The Custom Fields page allows an incredibly detailed view of the Custom Fields in your Jira system.

It is important to understand what you can perform on this page, as there is a lot of functionality.

The table itself contains the following columns:

  1. Mark for deletion
  2. Custom Field ID
  3. Custom Field Name
  4. Custom Field Type
  5. Scope (Context) - This shows the current Context for the Custom Field. Click on this to see the current context alongside the custom fields' actual usage (Deep Dive)
  6. Screen Usage - Screens that contain this Custom Field. You can click on this to see them using the Cross-Reference feature.
  7. Issue Count - Amount of issues that have a value for this Custom Field in the index
  8. More Actions


  • Bulk Delete
  • Export to CSV
  • Create
  • Configure Custom Field
  • View Issues with value
  • View Deep Dive
  • View Screens containing this Custom Field
  • Edit the Custom Field
  • Delete a single Custom Field

List View:

Deep Dive and Context/s:

Cross-Reference for Screens:

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