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Make sure you check out the Auto-Context feature, which can automate setting Custom Field scopes.

Using Cleaner for Jira to get recommendations on the correct scope

  1. Open the Cleaner interface
  2. Browse to the Custom Field tab upon completion of the scan
  3. Click on any Custom Field name to open up the 'Custom Field Deep Dive' feature
  4. Notice if the left hand side differs from the right hand side
    1. If it does, click 'Done' and click on the ID of the Custom Field in the table - this will open the Context configuration page.
    2. Edit the Context configuration and change the Issue Type and Project values as shown on the Value Dive


In the example below, you can see that the Context should be set to:

  • Project: A Project
  • Issue Type: Story

However, it is set to Global, as seen below:

Therefore, we would then open the configuration screen for the Custom Field in JIRA and apply the suggested contexts (Project: A Project, Issue Types: Story):

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