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Cleaning More Efficiently

  • In order to clear the most items from your system as possible, you should perform the Cleaner actions in a particular order:
    1. Projects - Start with removing Projects, as this will decrease the amount of mappings with Schemes and Issue Values
    2. Top-Level Schemes - Next, run through Schemes which are associated with Project:
      1. Permission Schemes
      2. Notification Schemes
      3. Issue Security Schemes
      4. Issue Type Schemes
      5. Workflow Schemes
      6. Issue Type Screen Schemes
    3. Mid-Level Schemes
      1. Screen Schemes
    4. Low-Level Items
      1. Issue Types
      2. Workflows
      3. Screens
    5. Other Items
      1. Custom Fields
      2. Statuses
      3. Priorities
      4. Resolutions
      5. Issue Link Types

Deleting Items in Bulk

  • We recommend you delete items in sets of 10-20 as this will allow you to monitor the progress closely
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