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Getting Started (Server)

View the Getting Started guide for Cleaner for Jira on the Server deployment option

Navigating the App (Server)

Learn how to navigate around the App using the guide here

Viewing Suggestions

See contextual suggestions onyour systemusing the Suggestion feature

Deleting Unused Configuration Items

Delete items in your Jira system in bulk using the Bulk Delete feature

Finding Unused Projects (Server)

You can use the App to find Projects which are unused - this includes Projects which haven't been updated recently and Projects with no, or very few issues

Finding and Disabling Inactive Users

Cleaner for Jira can detect Users who haven't logged in recently, according to your specifications. It can present these as a list and if you are using a supported User Directory, can bulk disable these users.

Auto-Context Custom Fields

This section describes what the Auto-Context feature is, why you may want to use it and how to use it

Viewing Custom Field Usage (Deep Dive)

Use the built-in Custom Field Deep Dive feature to determine what Projects and Issue Types are using a particular Custom Field

Using the Audit Log

Whenever you execute a bulk action, or script from within the App, it will write its results to the Audit Log - find out how to access it

Viewing Usage History

The new, overhauled version of Cleaner for Jira has a new feature which stores the state of your Jira system every night and saves this for later analysis.

Tips and Tricks (Server)

Learn Tips and Tricks that can help you use the App more efficiently and save you time!

Saving Charts as Images

You may want to save the charts generated by the App to your computer for you records, or publish them on your Company Wiki as statistics. Use this guide to save them.


View the current Public REST API for the App, enabling you to integrate the tool with your other systems or workflow post-functions.

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