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The Pulse for Jira App provides a full analytics solution for companies using Jira as their data management system.

Understand how Users, Projects and Issues are being used in your system, any potential bottlenecks and determine who your Jira heroes are!

Interactive time-series graphs and comparison charts are available to help you best understand your dataset.

Start with the free version today!

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Pulse for Jira is a complete analytics solution for Atlassian Jira Cloud.

The App will allow you to track activity on your system in terms of Project, Issues and Users.

The following actions on Issues are currently captured by the solution:

  • View
  • Create
  • Update
  • Comment
  • Delete

These actions can be tracked over time, or discretely to compare different items, for example:

  • See how Project activity varies over time and between Projects
  • Find which Users are most active across Projects and Issues
  • Discover bottleneck Issues by seeing the most trafficked Issues
  • Drill down into individual Projects and give users the right level of insight

The flow of the App usage is as follows:

  1. Install the Pulse for Jira App
  2. Use Jira as you would normally - actions will be tracked as you go
  3. Open the Pulse for Jira App at either the Global or Project-level to interact with the analytics data

Take a look at some of the screenshots below:

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