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 Pulse for Jira Premium Released

Pulse for Jira Premium, the fully-features analytics solution for Jira Cloud is now available.

Try it today for free and keep posted for the release of the Free version coming out soon, which will have a lower limited retention period.

 Optimizer for Jira 4 Released for Jira Data Center

After extensive testing on Data Center, we're happy to announce the general availability of Optimizer for Jira 4 in the Data Center deployment type.

 Optimizer for Jira 4 Released for Jira Server

We've been working hard behind the scenes to make Optimizer bigger and better than ever before.

It's been months in the making, listening to your feedback, implementing your ideas and of course letting the new App loose on our Beta testers in the final few weeks but we made it!

Check out the latest features over on the Launch Site, or see the Documentation!

 Data Center Support for Compliance for Confluence + Approvals for Confluence

We're proud to announce that we're adding Data Center support to our two most popular Confluence Apps.

Check out our performance and scale testing results for Approvals and Compliance!

 Announcing the Hackathon Power-ups

During the Hackathon, each team took their designated time to develop an idea of their choosing.

The following Power-ups were developed and will be hitting a Trello Board near you soon:

  • Approvals for Trello
  • Card Hierarchy

These Power-ups will be free to use and will be released sometime after the Card Matrix Power-up (smile)!

 First Internal Hackathon Announced (2019/Q3)

Automation Consultants will be hosting our first Hackathon, with the development team being split into 2 teams, to bring an idea from design to implementation in 2 days.

The winner will be decided after each team has presented their App by all employees. After the event, we plan to release the winning App to the public after a period of testing and productionization.

We plan to hold a Hackathon event bi-annually (twice a year, in Q1 and Q3).

 Coming Soon: Card Matrix for Trello

We're introducing a new class of App, or should we say Power-up to our portfolio by releasing our first Trello App.

Card Matrix for Trello provides a way to display Trello Cards on a 2-dimensional axis, with drag/drop support.

 Migration of Cloud Apps Complete

We've completed migrating our Cloud Apps to new infrastructure, which aims to eliminate downtime and increase response times for all our Cloud App customers.

Apps are now running in a highly available configuration, with load balancing, disaster recovery and auto-scaling.

 Announcing the release of Approvals for Confluence Server

Approvals for Confluence is now available for Server instances of Confluence.

Packed with features including Page and Macro Approvals, Full Search, Expiry, Approver Teams, In-App and Email Notifications, Custom Terminology and Permissions settings, it can't be missed if you're looking for an easy, but powerful way to get approval on content and pages.

 New Features for Approvals for Confluence Cloud

We've turned Customer Feedback into Features:

  • Approval Teams - Group Approvers into Teams in Space Settings and save time!
  • More Filters for the Search Functionality (e.g. show all approvals)
  • Filter by User in the Search (e.g. show Ted's pending approvals)

 Issue Charts for Jira v2 Released

This release brings with it compatibility with JIRA 8 and a new Settings UI!

See More Information

 Wrapping up the Atlassian Summit 2019

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at our stand over the event days.

We had a great time:

  • Meeting new and existing customers and finding out pain-points and suggestions
  • Finding out the latest news on Atlassian products
  • Dancing on on our custom Dance Mat!

Check out the Blog Post on our website for more details!

 We have rebranded our Apps!

 Optimizer for Jira is now Jira 8 compatible

Updating to the latest and greatest Jira? We've got you covered!

 New Features released for our Cloud-based Apps:

  • Poll Macro for Confluence
    • Bold new looking Macro Viewer and Editor
  • Approvals for Confluence
    • New Page Approval and Macro Editor/View Interface
    • Improved Email Notifications, including Status Update Emails.
  • Compliance for Confluence
    • New 'Policy' Feature makes it easy for users to understand the company policy
    • Search UI Improvements, and will now show whether the page is restricted in the Search Results.

 Automation Consultants are sponsoring the Atlassian Summit 2019 (Las Vegas)

Come and meet the team at the yearly Atlassian US Summit. More details to come!

 Optimizer for Jira 3.2.x released, with many improvements, including these major features:

  • Bulk Change Projects, including Project Lead, Category and Users/Roles and Permissions.
  • Record/Analyse Agile Board Access, providing an ability to determine out-of-use Agile Boards.
  • Run automated Clean-up, use our automated function to clean up your JIRA.
  • Merge Custom Fields, moving Custom Field values from a Source to a Destination field, provided as a Wizard.

 Automation Consultants are now a Top Vendor

We recently celebrated becoming a Top Vendor on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Automation Consultants attend the Atlassian App Week 2018 @ Amsterdam:

  • The AC Development Team attended the most recent instance of the Atlassian App Week, in Amsterdam.

 We are happy to say that the following feature updates have been rolled out to customers:

 Optimizer for Jira achieves full Data Center compliance

Atlassian announced a major review on its Data Center program at the Atlassian Summit 2018, a week ago, with new requirements for scalability and performance.

Optimizer for Jira is now fully Data Center compliant and has passed numerous performance testing scenarios, showing how robust the App is dealing with Jira at scale.

 Optimizer for Jira Feature Release

We have released the 3.1 feature release of Optimizer for Jira, with the following enhancements:

  • Search functionality has been added to all of the analysis tables, as well as the option to select how many items are shown per page.
  • New Admin tools include Viewing Server Logs and Switching between user accounts.
  • Index Consistency Checks have been added to the interface to ensure you are operating on a node with a valid index.
  • Performance Improvements for the upcoming Data Center compliance release, introducing Server-side caching.

Recent Major Product Updates

We are proud to announce the recent release of major updates to our portfolio:

We look forward to sharing more updates on our development roadmap as they happen.

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