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Easy to use Two Dimensional Matrix for Trello Cards! Simply add the Power-up, set the X and Y values for each Card and then visualize them in a 2D Matrix.

Great for use as a Risk Analysis tool, with impact and probability fields, or indeed any other use, by changing the X and Y labels.


  • Assign Cards an X/Y value and visualize them
  • Customizable terminology - ideal for Risk Analysis
  • Drag and Drop Cards between Matrix cells directly
  • Set values one at a time, or in bulk from the List Menu
  • Show/Hide Matrix values on the front of Cards

Get Support


Getting Started

This guide will help you get up and running with the Card Matrix Power-up in less than 5 minutes!

Set Values

Before you can visualize your Cards, you first need to assign them values.


Finally, let's actually visualize these Card values on a X/Y Grid.


Change the settings for a Trello Board.

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