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  • Agile Board Access Logging
    • Do you have a large amount of Agile Boards? Find out which Boards are in use by tracking the date they were last accessed and the volume of access.
    • Improve the performance of the Agile Board functionality (e.g. View All Boards) by removing obsolete Boards.
    • This functionality can be enabled/disabled independently of the App.
  • Auto-Cleanup
    • Introducing a new way to optimise your Jira system.
    • The new Automated Cleanup tool detects inactive Projects, inactive Users and unused Schemes.
    • It is fully configurable, with a whitelist and removes items based on criteria you set (inactive time, number of issues).
    • The “What If” feature provides an easy-to-use way to get suggestions on items that can be removed.
    • If you are happy with the suggestions, the removal can be automatically performed by Cleaner for Jira for you.
  • Project Bulk Change
    • Perform administration tasks on Projects in bulk and save time!
    • Select multiple Projects and choose from several operations.
    • Add Users to a Role, Change Project Lead, Change Project Category and Change Permission Schemes in bulk.
  • Merge Custom Fields
    • Do you have duplicate Custom Fields, causing confusion amongst users and impacting the performance of your Jira Index?
    • The new merge Custom Field feature allows you to copy the values from a Custom Field to another Custom Field, allowing the original to be removed.
    • Analysis shows whether there are conflicts (e.g. Issues with a value for both Custom Fields).
    • Choose whether to overwrite the destination value with the source value.
    • The feature maintains the Issue History and will show as an issue update.
  • Other Minor Features
    • New Batch Deletion Tool
      • Provide a list of Configuration Item ID’s in comma-seperated format and perform deletion of them in bulk.
      • Optionally skip on errors during the deletion – perfect for migrations, or overnight/long-running tasks.
    • New Project Usage Report
      • Ever wanted to see what a Project uses in terms of Configuration Items, or Custom Fields?
      • See everything that's used by a Project, see usage and jump to any of the configuration screens.
      • The Project Report allows you to perform a bottom-up analysis, as opposed to the top-down analysis
    • Performance Improvements
      • Major Frontend Performance Improvements.
      • Better Error Handling.
      • WebSudo Timeout Fix


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