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Cleaner for Jira version 3 brings many improvements over the previous versions, this page highlights some of the them:

New UI

A new UI has been developed, which conforms to the Atlassian Design Guidelines 3 (ADG 3) design standards, through the use of the React framework and Atlaskit libraries.

Improved Reports

We have now split out the various reporting functionality of the App into a separate section, with new reports added and the existing ones improved.

Duplicate Configuration Item Analysis

You can now find duplicate configuration items in your system and use this information to merge items.

We will be bringing built-in execution of these merges in the future.

Board Support

We have redeveloped the Board support and will be re-releasing it in this version, including bulk deletion.

French and German Language Support

We are bringing international language support to the App, starting with French and German.

Improved Inactive User/License UX

We have drastically improved the license usage interface for Cleaner for Jira, making it easier for you to select how many user slots are being used by active and inactive users and also how many are remaining on your Jira application licenses.

Custom Field Auto Context out of Beta

The Custom Field Auto Context feature that helps to reduce the amount of Global Custom Fields in your system is now being taken out of Beta and into the mainstream.

This functionality performs a usage analysis of all supported fields and will (on selection), automatically set their context correctly.


With JIRA systems getting larger and more complex, we have implemented paging into the App, but don't worry - when you sort the pages, it will sort all the items.

Other Improvements

Several other improvements have been made with the new version:

More Cross Reference Actions

The Cross Reference feature, first released in version 2, has been improved and added to more configuration items.

Create Items from within the App

Create Configuration items straight from the Cleaner for Jira.

Interactive REST API Documentation

Select the Configuration item type you wish to interact with and get both the listing and deletion request types

Performance Improvements

We have made significant performance improvements in this version, to handle bigger and more complex systems.

Dropdown menu on each item

Making it more clear than ever what actions you can perform with the App.

Better Custom Field Usage (Deep Dive)

Easier to use interface to determine the difference between context and usage of a field.

Better Logging

We have implemented customer feedback on the logging capabilities of the new version, which will log the type of object, identification and also the status/error message if applicable.

Improved Deletion Status screen

Showing the progress of each item in the list, with optional log.

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