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Major Improvements

  • Removed the requirement to 'Scan' the system, the data retrieval is now done on-demand and has been tested on Enterprise-size systems.
  • New User Interface, Layout, Help and Dialog system which drastically improves the interface throughout the App.
  • Performance Improvements across the board.
  • Cross-Reference Functionality, allowing you to see related Objects on many tables.
  • Audit Log Functionality, which records any actions performed through the App.
  • Analytics Functionality, which shows how many objects you have removed using the App.
  • Scheduled History Graph Functionality, which builds a model of the amount of objects in the system over time.
  • Custom Field Auto-Context can now automatically the Project and Issue Type scope of Custom Fields in bulk and is out of Beta.

Minor Improvements

  • Use the Quick-Navigator (.) to navigate to Cleaner pages from anywhere in Jira.
  • Export to CSV Improvements, based on user feedback.


View and Delete Projects which are old or unused.

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