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I am proud to present the public release of the Cleaner for JIRA plugin.

This is the first version and comes with the following features out-of-the-box:

SuggestionsCleaner for JIRA, following a scan, will show suggestions on how to optimise your system. These are specific to your systems configuration.
License CheckerSee any users using a JIRA Core, JIRA Software or JIRA Service Desk license who have either not logged in before, or haven't used the system within a preset timeframe.
StatisticsYou can see graphically which Configuration Items need unused objects removed (e.g. you could have a large amount of unused Issue Types).
Statistics LogA panel shows any previous system scans you performed and what the configuration count was at that time/date, this helps track your progress to a fully optimised system.
Bulk Deletions

Cleaner for JIRA supports deleting many configuration items in bulk:

  • Projects
  • Issue Type Schemes
  • Issue Types
  • Workflow Schemes
  • Workflows
  • Issue Type Screen Schemes
  • Screen Schemes
  • Screens
  • Custom Fields
  • Statuses
Quick LinksYou can jump into the configuration page of the item or a JQL Search for all issues which are related straight from the interface - no more slow JIRA Admin load times.
Custom Field Deep Dive

Clicking on the Custom Field name will perform an on-demand scan of which Projects/Issue Types have values for the Custom Field, this can then be used to create Custom Field Contexts.

Every reduction in scope will reduce your indexing time.

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