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Version 4 of Optimizer has a completely overhauled UI with a focus on usability and maximising of screen real estate.This page contains the following sections:


The UI consists of 3 main parts.

  • The Navigation Bar
  • The Tool Area
  • The Task Area


The navigation area contains a set of menus that can be opened and closed to reveal links to different tools.

Upon the clicking of a link the TOOL AREA will change to the appropriate tool.

Note that this will also change your URL, this means that it is possible to link directly to a specific tool.

The home menu has been opened and the TOOL AREA is currently displaying the HOME page.


The task area contains a green circle with a number.

Clicking the green circle area will open the task queue.

The number represents the number of tasks in the list.

Tool Area

The tool area changes based on which page you have selected in the navigation section.

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