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V4 uses a new task system for most actions. This system runs changes in the background to stop timeouts and other similar issues.


The task system consists of a few main parts.

Front end

  • Activity Monitor
    The activity monitor lives at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left hand side. Clicking on the circle with the number will open the Task List
  • Task List
    The Task list will show the currently running, recently ran or queued tasks.
  • Task Queues
    The Task Queues will show you collections of Items queued for Tasks. You can create tasks from these with the "Create Task" button or clear the queue with the button on the left of the "Create Task" button.


  • Tasks Items
    Tasks Items get queued to be run in the task queue. These are then converted into an expanded object upon the creation of a task.
  • Task Executor
    The Task executor takes tasks which have been paired with a set of Expanded Task Items and executes the set task on the Items in question.
  • Task REST-Like API
    The REST api allows the adding, removing and monitoring of queue of Task Items as well as the Starting of Tasks from those Queues.

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