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Using Cleaner for Jira can help you save money on your annual Jira license and support costs, by providing:

  • A high-level license summary page, which shows each JIRA application license type in terms of:
    • Users using a license and considered 'active'
    • Users using a license, but considered 'inactive' due to not logging in recently
    • Remaining license slots, which will be used as more users are added to the system
  • An inactive users page, which allows you to select criteria which you want to filter your licensed userbase on and can disable users in bulk:
    • Options:
      • Inactivity period - in months
      • Whether to show users who have never logged in
    • Actions:
      • Bulk Disable
      • Export results to CSV


View license summary

The license summary page should be the first place administrators go to find information on license usage. It can help to determine if disabling users is needed.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab, which will open the license usage page.
  2. Use the pie charts to determine the following statistics, for each license type:
    1. Blue - Active user license slots in use
    2. Red - Inactive user licenses in use
    3. Orange - Remaining slots
  3. The Orange value will show you how many users it will take to exceed you license limit
  4. The Red value shows users who can be disabled as they are considered inactive.
  5. If these values are over your desired amounts, proceed to the next section to see how to disable these users.


Disable inactive users

The Inactive Users tab provides more detailed information and let's you drill down into the users themselves which are shown in the Red sector of the Pie Charts in the License Summary page.

It lists users who can be considered inactive, based on your criteria.

Steps to disable inactive users:

  1. Click on the Configuration cog
  2. Select your criteria for the search
  3. Close the Configuration panel
  4. Select inactive users who you wish to disable using the checkboxes next to each username
  5. When you are ready, click the red disable button in the top right
  6. Confirm the disable action
  7. Monitor the status of the job


  • Inactivity period - in months
  • Whether to show users who have never logged in