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Server/Data Center v4

What's New in v4

This page provides an overview of the changes in Optimizer for Jira 4.0 (previously known as Cleaner for Jira).

The User Interface

Version 4 of Optimizer has a completely overhauled UI with a focus on usability and maximising of screen real estate.


Optimizer V4 has support for most of Jira's configuration items.

Task System

V4 uses a new task system for most actions. This system runs changes in the background to stop timeouts and other similar issues.

Health Checks

This page describes the UI for health checks and contains the list of health checks we plan to implement and we have implemented.



Additional Features

Project Archiving

Server/Data Center v3

What's New in 3.0?

Find out about all the new features in the new version!

What's New in 3.2?

Find out about all the new features in the new version!

Supported Objects

See what configuration items are supported by the App and what features are available for each type.


See some of the features that you can use in the App.


Get started with some easy to follow tutorials covering some common tasks you may want to perform with the App.


View information on each page that is available in the product and how to use the features contained on each.


View the complete public API of the App.


See the testing we perform to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Data Center Testing

See the extensive performance and scalability testing we perform against Cleaner for Jira and Jira.


Troubleshoot any performance or functional problems using the App.


Cloud 1.x

Cloud 2.x

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