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Cleaner for Jira can detect Users who haven't logged in recently, according to your specifications.

It can present these as a list and if you are using a supported User Directory, can bulk disable these users.

Cleaner for Jira can only disable users when you are using either the Local Jira Directory or an External User Directory that allows local administration of User Status, see here for more information.

Scan settings

The scan will identify users who haven't logged in since the "Inactive Period" and the "Remember Me Period" combined.

Click the Scan button on the bottom right, and it will take you to the results page.

In the results, you can see users who have not logged in during the time period specified, as well as what licenses they hold.

This lets you choose users who you wish to disable, for example if they have left your company and therefore are inactive. Select them, then click "Disable" in the bottom right. You may also select all inactive users with a login date with "Auto-Suggest".

This can save you money, as you do not pay for users who you do not need!

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