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Available Configuration Items

Using the links on the Cleaner sidebar, you can browse through the various configuration items available which can be deleted from within the interface:

  • Projects
  • Custom Fields
  • Issue Types
  • Issue Type Schemes
  • Workflows
  • Workflow Schemes
  • Screens
  • Screen Schemes
  • Issue Type Screen Schemes
  • Statuses
  • Priorities
  • Resolutions

Deleting Items in Bulk

Follow the instructions below to delete items in bulk:

  1. Open the page which contains the items you wish to delete - e.g. Projects
  2. Use the Column Headings to order the table contents as required
  3. Use the Checkboxes next to the items to select the items to delete. Some sections also support the Auto-Suggest feature which can select these for you automatically.
  4. When you are ready to delete the items, click on the Delete button
  5. Check each item you have selected to delete and if you are sure, press Confirm

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