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Deep dives are a new feature in V4. This feature allows you to view more details about items in a dialog.


  • View Object Details
  • View Related Objects
    • Deep dive related objects
  • Visit Links

Overview of UI

Deep dives are a new feature in V4 and allow you to open up a dialog full of information about any object in a table or in a smart card. 

You do this by clicking on the double arrow down symbol on the right hand side of the card, You can also do this from our context menu in the tables. You can open this menu by right clicking any row.

The deep dive itself contains the following sections

  • Details
    These are the basic values which relate to the object.
  • Links
    These are links to pages which relate to the configuration of the item
  • Linked Objects
    These are objects which are tied to the object through usage. You can expand any of these items for more information.

The example on the right shows a deepdive with the nested objects expanded.

This will allow you to follow links through items to gain further information.

Special Features

When deepdiving custom fields a context tab becomes available.

This allows you to view the Current context and the Actual usage.

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