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We have been working hard developing the next generation of the Compliance for Confluence App for Server and Data Center platforms.

Check out what's on it's way in the next release:

Brand New User Interface

We've overhauled the user interface used to interact with the App to bring it in line with our other products.

The new version is built on React and provides a dynamic and quick interface across all interactions.

Sensitive Data Detection/Search

Detect sensitive information stored on Confluence pages (across all versions), such as passwords, credit card numbers or email addresses.

Confluence and Space Administrators can browse sensitive data at their respective levels (Sitewide and Space-wide).

Force Classification Globally

The most frequently requested feature in this version - forcing the classification of pages at the site-level - affecting all Spaces unless they have opted-out. Please note that Force Classification requires Collaborative Editing to be turned off.

Classification Level Macro

We've improve the classification level macro that we recently implemented, with several options:

  • Customize the Prefix Text
  • Set the size (Small, Medium or Large)
  • Only show on Export, or on Screen as well.


You can now choose who can see different features at the Page and Space level:

New Languages Supported

We now support Dutch and German languages, in a beta capacity.

We welcome feedback on any translations and requests for other languages.

Automation Features

Allows you to respond to sensitive data being detected.

The actions available in this first edition of Automation will be as follows:

  • Label a page on finding particular sensitive data
  • Classify a page on finding particular sensitive data (including restricting according to Space settings)
  • Redact the sensitive information immediately on detection


These features are on our roadmap for later release:

  • Receive an email when certain data is detected (tick) DONE
  • Set a default level for new pages in a Space (error) ROADMAP
  • Default Space Settings (minus) ROADMAP
  • Global Space Management Page (tick) DONE
  • Include the classification level on all exported pages. (error) ROADMAP

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