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Page Approvals

There are two types of notifications in Page Approvals

  • Emails sent to you (the approval requestor) when an approver has approved/rejected a page - to enable this, check "Receive Status Updates" when creating/updating a Page Approval.
  • Emails sent to approvers when they are requested to approve a page. To enable this in Page Approvals, check "Send Approval Requests" when creating/updating one. 

Section Approval Macro

For this type of Approval, you can choose to send emails to approvers in order to ask them for approval as well as when the approval becomes expired due to page edit. These emails will be send once the page has been created/updated. To enable this, check the Email Notifications checkbox.

On top of this, each individual user can opt-out of receiving approval request emails by clicking their profile picture (lower left) > Settings > Approvals and turning the "Receive Email Notifications" toggle off.

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