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The Approvals for Confluence App provides a Macro that can be inserted into any page on the system.

It allows you to select users that can approve sections or pages and users watching the page will get updates on the approvals as they take place. Approvers can be emailed to notify them of a pending approval.

When an Approver browses to the page, they can click Approve, or Unapprove and the change will be reflected and shown on the page. These approvals can optionally be set to expire when the page is edited.

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Server Documentation

Product Launch

Announcing a brand new App for Confluence Server, simplifying getting approval at work!


Learn about the useful features that Approvals for Confluence provides.

  • Macro ApprovalsAdd Approvals in-line with page content, by using the Approval Macro functionality.
  • Page ApprovalsPage Approvals provide an easy-to-use Approval mechanism that works from the top of a page (no need to edit the page) and is easier to script with the REST API than the Macro feature.
  • TeamsTeams help your users save time by grouping users together into 'Approval Teams', saving time each time you need to add the same set of Approvers.
  • Expire on DateChoose whether the Approval should expire on a certain date, in addition to a page update
  • Minimum Approvers (Quorum Size)Sometimes you don't need all the Approvers in a list or team to approve a document in order for it to be approved altogether.
  • Custom TerminologyChange the terminology for the different Statuses - e.g. Approved, Rejected, Pending and Expired.
  • Notifications - EmailReceive Email Notifications when someone asks for your approval and get status emails to follow the approval process.
  • Notifications - In-AppReceive In-App Notifications in response to being asked for approval. Clean, fast and easy!
  • Approval HistoryView the history of a Section Macro (Approval Macro).
  • PermissionsYou can limit who can create Page Approvals at the Global and System level.


Get information about the different UI elements that the App adds alongside Confluence.

  • Create a Macro ApprovalUse the Approval Macro functionality to ask for approval on a certain piece of content on a page.
  • Create a Page ApprovalUse the Page Approval functionality to ask for approval on an entire Page.
  • View your ApprovalsFind and explore Approvals pending your response, Approvals you have asked for and also past Approvals using the User Approval Browser.
  • View Approvals in a SpaceView Approvals in a certain Space using the Space Approval Browser
  • Change Space SettingsUse the Space Settings to create/edit/delete Teams and also enable/disable the Approvals functionality across the Space, or restrict who can ask for Approvals.
  • Change System SettingsChange system-wide settings, applying to all Approvals which aren't inside an overridden Space. Includes changing the terminology, enable/disable globally and restriction settings.
  • Change User SettingsChange your User account settings. Reset your In-app notifications (troubleshooting).
  • Perform MaintenanceSometimes you may need to perform troubleshooting on Approvals for Confluence.
  • View Approval StatisticsYou can view high-level statistics on the Approvals for Confluence database as a Confluence Administrator.
  • Set Expiry Job ScheduleYou can set up the Expiry Date on each instance of the Macro or Page Approval panels, however, you may want to change what time of day these expire - this can be done using these instructions.
  • Hide the Navigation Bar Link
  • Scripting Approvals with the Java API


Understand the workflow that Approvals follow in Approvals for Confluence.


Use the REST API to automate Approvals within your organisations Confluence system.

Migrating from other Apps

Approvals for Confluence supports importing approval data from other plugins.

Java API

  • ApprovalPluginComponentThe Main Approval Class for External Usage from ScriptRunner or similar scripting plugin - or your own one!
  • ApprovalJsonRepresents an Approval in its entirety - unique to the Page/Macro and it's version.
  • ApprovalMemberJsonA User inside an Approval - which has its own status.

Data Center Testing

Cloud Documentation

What's New in Cloud?

Find out what's new in Approvals for Confluence Cloud


Get started quickly with our Quick Start Guides.


Find out more about the different interface elements in the App.

  • SettingsSettings that affect all Approval types.
    • User Email SettingsChange your personal preferences from the Profile menu (bottom left) and choose Settings → Approvals. You can disable email notifications from this page.
  • Section ApprovalThe section approval offering uses a Macro to provide functionality - it is useful for when you need approval on seperate pieces of content on the same page.

Release Notes

Cloud VersionServer/DC VersionNotesFeatures Introduced



Initial release of the App.




App renamed to 'Approvals for Confluence'

New User Interface



-Exciting New Page Approval Functionality



-Approvals for Confluence Cloud Update


-1.2.1-DCData Center support


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