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Welcome to the Automation Consultants App Knowledge Base!

You can find documentation and guides for our portfolio of Apps, as well as news on future development and more details on how to get support on this site.

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Jira Apps
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Optimizer for Jira

The Optimizer for Jira App helps you manage your Jira system and make sure there are no unused elements which could be affecting the performance or cost of your Jira instance. Available on Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Understand how Jira is used across your organisation with a complete analytics solution for Jira Cloud.
Confluence Apps
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Approvals for Confluence

The Approvals for Confluence App for Confluence Cloud App provides a Macro that can be inserted into any page on the system, which allows you to select users that can approve sections or pages. Available on Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Compliance for Confluence

The Compliance for Confluence App provides the features necessary to identify the nature of the data included in pages, restrict the visibility of sensitive data. Available on Cloud, Server and Data Center.

Votes for Confluence

The Votes for Confluence App brings polls to the cloud. Whether you're gathering opinions when planning your next project, or organising a work party, Poll Macro can help you out. Available on Cloud.

Workflows for Confluence

Workflows for Confluence allows users to create workflows for pages to match their businesses document processes. The drag n' drop designer allows for Approvals, Setting Page Restriction, Labels, Emails and more. Only available on Cloud.
Trello Power-Ups
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Approvals for Trello

Get approval on Cards directly in Trello - implement your business processes with ease.

Hierarchy for Trello

The Hierarchy for Trello Power-up provides an easy way to give your cards structure.

The Power-up allows you to assign each Card a parent and one or more children.

Matrix for Trello

An easy to use two-dimensional matrix for visualising your Cards in Trello!

Great for use as a Risk Matrix tool, or other grid-based system usage through customizable x- and y- axis labels.

View Tracker for Trello

The View Tracker for Trello Powerup provides an easy way to track how popular your Trello Boards and Cards are!

Cross-Product Apps
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Navigation Bar

Easily navigate around all of your Atlassian applications with a full-width navigation bar situated at the top of every page. Compatible with Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Fisheye/Crucible.


 Project Archiving Support for Optimizer for Jira

Optimizer for Jira now supports archiving Jira Projects in bulk from the 'Projects' table.

See more information on this release here.

 Two Factor Approvals in Workflows for Confluence

We're continuing to innovate on our latest Cloud Product - Workflows for Confluence.

Use your mobile phone to ensure that the person giving approval is really you!

Check it out now!

 Workflows for Confluence Launched!

Introducing an advanced solution for business processes for Confluence Cloud.

Built on our experience with Approvals for Confluence, this App solves a number of our clients' biggest problems and enables more advanced usage, adding a new dimension to your content.

Check it out now!

 Disclosure for Confluence Launched for Confluence Server

Disclosure for Confluence provides an easy-to-use solution to the problem of disclosing content (providing access) across teams in a secure, audited manner.

Try it for free today on the Atlassian Marketplace.

 Compliance for Confluence Collaborative Editing Support

We now support the 'Force Classification' feature when you have Collaborative Editing enabled.

The solution now shows any changes to the classification live!

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